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Prototype For Iziko Museums - HackUrCulture
Prototype For Iziko Museums - HackUrCulture
Prototype For Iziko Museums - HackUrCulture

Iziko App for Iziko Museum

“Iziko Museums of South Africa operates 11 national museums in Cape Town.  It is one of the premier cultural institutions in South Africa.  The museums house natural history, social history, and art collections in magnificent, historic buildings which in themselves are national treasures.” (

Problem Track: Archives and Collection

Challenge: Remote access to the archive, Education of staff to actively take steps towards digitization, Policy, standards and workflow for digital transformation, Access to talent, High costs of digitization, Implementing digital transformation, Developing the right naming convention for cultural heritage artefacts with unknown or scarce historical information, taking into account community knowledge and narratives.

Problem Statement: Looking for new efficient ways to manage their archive containing catalogues and inventory of over 1 million collections including natural history specimens, artworks and a diversity of social history artefacts, including archaeological collections, costume, ceramics, silverware, tools, photographic and other collections, and wish for these collections and the information associated with them to be remotely accessible by public/researchers.

After listening to the problem statement, we decided to create a prototype for the museum. The goal of the Iziko app is to:

  • Help the museum track the collections in their care
  • Collaborate with researchers (worldwide)
  • Give the public remote access to the collections. You do not have to be physically present to view artefacts or collections. This is useful for remote learning.


From the problem statement, I outlined the features, designed and developed the prototype. I had created the initial prototype using templates from Envato Elements. Then I converted this to a blade template for Laravel. I wanted to do more with this project – connection to the database, implementing QR/Bar Codes and CRUD for the collections but I was the only (active) dev on the team and we did not have time. I focused on building out the prototype to give the judges an idea of what we want to create.

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HTML, CS, Laravel,
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October, 2020

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