Michelle Enakeno U.

UI Designer

Hi there, when people say – “tell me about yourself”, I go blank. I have no idea what to say. To find the words for this short bio is not easy.

I genuinely enjoy building things and I am constantly thinking of ways to solve problems with technology. I have been designing and building websites and web apps since 2015 but I struggled with imposter syndrome. As a result, I did not pursue my career the way I should have. 2020 happened and I made up my mind to just do it scared.

To build great products, you have to put the user first. As a result, I decided to go back to the basics and learn User Interface Design. I love the idea of talking to customers and knowing their pain points in order to build products that make their lives easy.

I am always learning and exploring new ideas. I enjoy creating things, from UIs to explosion boxes.

Welcome to my world

Contact Me: Hi@menakeno.com.

BSc. Information Communication Technology


Bootstrap, Laravel


Figma, Affinity Designer, Canva, Unity, Silhouette Studio, WordPress


HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, C#


UI Design, Backend Development


Arts & Craft, Video Games, Baking


Social Media Management,

Side Projects

Hall of Creatives: Instagram

iForty5: Instagram

Sarai-App: Instagram and Webapp

Rodo-Destinations: Instagram and Website