Demos for the projects I have built. Laravel versions coming soon 🙂


Trippp - SITA Hackathon 2021

Read blog post – SITA Hackathon 2021

HackUrCulture - Myths

Read blog post – HackUrCulture

(demo best viewed on desktop)

Read blog post – EU Africa: The Post Crisis Journey

(this is the HTML version. Laravel version has not been uploaded)

Read portfolio post – iFit

(demo best viewed on desktop)

The gallery Project

The gallery is supposed to be a platform for African Artists to showcase their works.

This is an old project. The demo here is the HTML version. Never got to finish

the Laravel one. Maybe Someday I will 🙂

Read playground entry – Bookworm

(demo best viewed on desktop)

The fallen – remembering lives lost to police brutality.

Started this project years ago, this is just the initial template I worked on.

Built with BLACK Design System by Creative Tim

Read portfolio post – OmoMart

(demo best viewed on desktop)